New Service at Crawley Chiropractic Centre - Sports Massage - Therapeutic Massage

We're delighted to announce that we now have an in house Sports and Therapeutic Massage Therapist at Crawley Chiropractic Centre. Sue Perry has joined the team and I'm sure you will join me in making her feel welcome. I've known Sue for many years now and she is very good, I've had many massages from her over the years and I highly recommend her.

Many years ago before I was a Chiropractor, I was training to be an Osteopath. As part of the Osteopathic training I became a Sports Massage Therapist so I know a good practitioner when I see one, hence the reason why Sue Perry is now working at Crawley Chiropractic Centre!

As well as getting a Chiropractic Adjustment every week, I also get a Sports Massage every week to keep me in the best condition so I can look after my patients. Sports Massage compliments Chiropractic care very well and we are advocates of both disciplines. Below is some more information on how massage can help you:


5 Benefits of Massage

1: Massage reduces waste products such as lactic acid & carbonic acid that can build up in muscles after activity. this lactic acid can cause cramping, discomfort, and irritability. It also enhances the immune system and aids recovery from soft tissue injuries by increasing blood circulation to injured areas.

2: Massage dilates or opens up blood vessels, improving the circulation and relieving congestion. Massage also can increases the number of red blood cells. This increase can be very helpful for many reasons.

3: Massage acts as a “mechanical cleanser” pushing along the lymph and hastening the elimination of wastes & toxic debris. Massage has also been shown to help eliminate edema of the extremities through lymphatic massage.

4: Massage increases the blood supply and nutrition to the muscles without increasing the amount of lactic acid produced through voluntary muscle contraction (which takes place during exercise). Massage therefore helps to overcome harmful “fatigue” resulting from strenuous exercise or injury.

5. Massage can also aid digestion as well.

So there's lots of benefits to combining Chiropractic and massage, they really do compliment each other very well.

If you've got really tight muscles and need a Sports Massage or you just fancy treating yourself to a nice relaxing therapeutic massage, give us a call to book your massage with Sue Perry today.

Speak to you again soon!

Dr Danny