The Benefits of Chiropractic for Your Children

So what are the benefits of chiropractic for your children? As Chiropractors we often see infants who suddenly start crying and won’t stop no matter how much the care giver tries (this is commonly known as colic and essentially the baby is in pain). There could be so many reasons, beyond the usual tummy aches or constipation. To look deeper into the cause, it’s well worth consulting a Chiropractor in Crawley for an examination.

The central nervous system comprises of the brain and the spinal cord from where all the nerves for every organ and tissue emerge. Any kind of dysfunction in the vertebral column may result in various disorders relating to any body system. Symptoms experienced could be ear infection, sleep problems, reflux, constipation, colic, bed wetting etc...

It’s important to state that Chiropractic is not a cure for these conditions. We all have within us, an innate ability to heal ourselves. Chiropractic simply removes the nerve disturbance in the body which then allows the body to start to heal itself.

Why Is It Important For Children to Visit a Chiropractor

Since every function depends upon the nervous system, the spine should be well looked after. While being in Utero, the baby’s movements are quite irregular and disturbed. Sometimes these movements could misalign the vertebral column - or the birth in itself could be a traumatic process for the child. In both cases, there might be a need for an adjustment by a Chiropractor. Any misalignment, if left untreated, could cause inflammation and become a bigger problem in later years. So even if your child appears to be fine, it’s a good idea to have a Chiropractor check them over to help prevent future problems.


Kids love getting adjusted and they take a keen interest in Chiropractic! Below is a photo of *Eva adjusting Dr Danny with a toy activator - we may have a future Chiropractor in the making! Eva looks forward to her regular Chiropractic check-ups to make sure she grows up strong and healthy!

How Chiropractic Adjustments Benefit Children

The nervous system is the master control system. When there is a restricted movement in the spinal bones (or they are stressed due to an improper posture), the nerves linked from the spinal cord to the brain are choked or pressed. This is called Subluxation.

Subluxation could create problems with any organ and / or system in the body. Common subluxations in babies and children relate to the digestive system. Many children struggle with digestion during their infant years. Chiropractic adjustments re-align the spine, taking the pressure off the nerves which allows your child’s body to begin to heal itself.

It is therefore essential for your child’s health and smooth growth to consult with a Chiropractor and have regular chiropractic check-ups. Chiropractic care is extremely beneficial for children’s health. Ideally Chiropractic care should be used as a prevention of problems rather than a cure for existing issues!

Here's Eva's younger sister *Hanna also adjusting Dr Danny with the toy activator - I think we may have another future Chiropractor in the making here! ;) Like Eva, Hanna also really looks forward to her regular Chiropractic check-ups to make sure she grows up strong and healthy!

Head Fixation

Many parents complain about their infant’s head fixation problem. They would explain that the child won’t turn his or her head from the right or left (depending upon the case), no matter how many times they try. The child would sleep on the same side and would look in the same direction.

Although the parents may not consider it a big problem, chiropractic can evaluate and adjust the movements of the child. With the help of a Chiropractor, the child can enjoy a full range of neck and head movements.

In fact Chiropractors often suggest that an infant is taken in for an examination within two weeks after the birth, to check there are no problems resulting from the birth process. Spinal adjustments will help the child in sitting, crawling, standing and walking.

Bed wetting

Bed wetting is not only a hassle for the parents, it is also a disruption in the child’s social activity. The bed wetting may be as a result of nerve disturbance in the lower back which can cause bladder problems, so Chiropractic may help with that.

Colds, Ear Infections

If your child has regular ear, nose or throat infections then their immune system cannot be functioning at 100%! Also if he / she gets colds often, it is crucial to find the actual cause, so as to avoid long term health issues. The nervous system controls the immune system, so having Chiropractic adjustments can help strengthen the immune system, which in turn can result in less infections and illnesses.


Sleep Problems

If your infant or toddler is having trouble sleeping or his sleep patterns are irregular, Chiropractic can help in discovering the cause of the problem and dealing with it in the most effective therapeutic manner.

Other Problems

Chiropractic can often assist with various other problems such as:


Physical development delays

Digestive problems

Spinal problems (problems in sitting, crawling etc)

Headaches without any apparent cause


* Please note - written permission was given by Eva and Hanna's mum for Crawley Chiropractic Centre to use the above photographs online and in print.